The title may seem like a conundrum; yet, there is an art to creativity.

How vulnerable I  feel exposing to other’s my artwork. It screams, “This is who I am.” Since there is no right or wrong in the creative realm, I am free to explore my ideas with color and vision. I become empowered by this experience.

Creativity requires one to not be afraid to show who they really are, reveal their true selves, expose their likes and dislikes, accept themselves without judgment and understand it is the journey, not the destination.

I am an artist who has not picked up a sketchbook in many years. When I created Artshop, one participant, Shirah S Penn, continuously sketched.  It stirred my craving to rediscover my own true artistic talent. Even as the educator, I always learn from my student’s. And so I began.

As I work in my sketchbook, I accept and strengthen my awareness of what I like and what I don’t like. I can make a mistake. I can have an opinion. I can redo, carrying my favorite parts onto my next sketch. I can make choices that are mine alone to make. I experiment with color, design and having an opinion. Fearlessly, I put down my visions, tests of color and quick ideas.  I am free to make my own choices and I am empowered and grow from this experience.

With free abandon, I accept, respect and understand myself through my creativity. This is the art of creativity, this is the art of self-acceptance.

Experience Artshop and rediscover yourself!