Side Bar: I must say, I feel somewhat vulnerable writing this, so if it helps just one person, I am grateful.

As I sit here, I want to write a blog on…nothing came to mind.

So I explored websites and Facebook looking for ideas. Then…

POW!”, a photo unexpectedly appeared of me at an event. “Eeck, I look like caca,” I said to myself, feeling embarrassed.

“POW” I had my topic… And with this “POW” my thinking shifted.

I don’t jump to be in pictures because I feel like I take a terrible picture. Maybe every now and then, I get a good shot.

This extreme of yuckiness for myself concerned me. “Why do I feel that way? How can I be so cruel to myselfWhat is my fear causing this sadness? 

And then the shift happened…

I was looking at myself and thought, I do not have to judge how I look. It doesn’t matter from a minute in time. I am not yucky. I look how I look and I was having a good time with loving and supporting people. I am entitled to be me. There is no time for hurt and judgment.

With this, I instantly stopped my “stink’in thinking” and realized that I was not treating myself with kindness, respect, acceptance and love. If that is what I look like, then that is me at that moment and I will nurture and love my being and re-nurture my soul, everyday in every way.

I am who I am and I release the fear of not being good enough. I am beautiful just the way I am. I was born good enough.

When I look at my picture now, I practice non-judgement. I just don’t go there. I see and accept with love in my heart.

I am me, much more than a costume and I value the person I have become. No more judging myself. Love, respect and compassion to myself and other’s.

Next time though, just in case…suck in.