Where do I put myself first, twirling, as my brain hits overload and I am ready to jump out of my skin.

Stop! “What is going on,” I thought to myself. This is crazy. How far off the beaten path have I come to be so crazed?

Breathe, I remember, and just like that, I discovered the answer…

I was obsessed with “doing” and lost my “being.”

Where was I racing to, what was I trying to prove, where was I going?  I was running my brain into overdrive and veering off into madness and stress. “Slow down and breathe,” I thought.

And instantly, perfect release.

Breathing shifts the energies from the Limbic Brain (fight or flight) to the Frontal Lobe, where thoughts are calm, according to Marty Ward of Discover Your Power Within Coach.

Oh my goodness, as simple and as challenging as that,” I thought, with a deep sigh of clarity and gratitude!

I returned to the “now,”and reality and truth set in. I experienced the sheer joy of Healing Artsexistence. I knew all was well and all will be taken care of divinely. I can let the reigns go, relax and just “be.”

I smile and rejoice in this newfound freedom.