Experience Stress-Free Coloring!



Are you familiar with moving meditation or have you heard the importance of meditation in your life? Have you tried to meditate sitting cross legged on the floor and the mind chatter does not stop?

Too much work you say? … try coloring.

Repetitive movements like walking, coloring, and knitting, allow the mind to rest, achieving the peace of mind by being in the present.

Life can be challenging and sometimes fear and other big feelings can be insurmountable. Adding  coloring to your daily routine can over time, eliminate many unnecessary and unwanted thoughts that create illness in our body.

The “Practice, practice, practice” page in Creative Meditations, Coloring Book and Journal, is an affirmation, it’s okay to not have all the answers, and it takes practice to achieve greatness. Practice this fun activity of coloring and you will discover tranquility.

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Try it you will like it!

The Benefits Of Adding A Moving Meditation Into Your Daily Routine


  1. Color every morning and meditate.
  2. Know the shift to the right side of the brain is natural as the body physiology is shifting, bringing one to peace of mind and clarity.
  3. Coloring is often thought as a fun art project, and it is actually a heart project.
  4. When our brain has shifted to the right side, we release stress, fear and concern because we are in pure awareness, meditation.
  5. We enter into the “now” where fear and illusions can not exist.
  6. The healing through art is being in the truth, realizing that we must stay in the moment and we will feel safe.

Los Rosales Public School, Neva Lallemand Academy Foundation


Coloring allows us to stay in the moment, truly releasing any false thoughts,
allowing our mind to rest and find peace of mind. 

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Thank you, Lisa, for an awesome workshop. Fun, friendly and therapeutic. I am ready for more!

~ Catherine Ayache Edelson