Here we go…

I took Artshop in Delray and we worked with acrylic. Whoa! 

I have not used acrylics in such a long time. I have studied art for many years, and I have my reputation on the line. Sweat forming on my forehead, my ego was screaming, “acrylics were never my strong suit.” Gulp!

It really was so much fun playing around with the medium, just putting my impulsive strokes here and there, enjoying the journey. 

And then the “destination” hit me, I was not feeling so positive about my results. Ugh!

As I headed home, I continued to smudge and look at the flower, smudge and look at the flower. I was frustrated and upset.. Ego!

Then, just like this, I thought to myself, “just look at the parts you do like, don’t pay attention to the parts you don’t like.” I realized I have a choice.

With that, all the negative feelings left me and I was restored to sanity. 

A few days later, I am driving, getting overwhelmed by fears and illusions. I stopped myself and realized… Just like my artwork, look at the good parts, don’t dwell on the negative parts. I can’t do anything about it anyway. I am doing the best I can do.

So, this was one of my “Life Awareness’s”, concentrate and enjoy the good, don’t concentrate on the negative.

Amen to that!