Was it a flash of bright golden light, rays of golden white appearing before my eyes? Did I hear the herald call of the trumpet? Rejoice filled my being and I found peace..

Let me start at the beginning…

I began Artshop and my true love and passion was born. I am so grateful to have discovered a business that I love every aspect of, researching, teaching and forming a sisterhood. 


Until I realized we were moving to a gated community with limited parking at the house.  I agreed to a house with limited parking? How will my attendees park, I exclaimed!

What did I do? The HOA says no parking on the grass. There were areas for guest parking too far away. Do I need to do Artshop at another location? I was FREAKIN’ OUT!

I sent out positive vibes, knowing everything always works out…  I said yes to doing my next Artshop, regardless of my parking dilemma.

Met my amazing Realtor, Wendy Scheppke, at the new house. I mentioned my parking dilemma and she said, ” No Lisa, you have spaces right here.” And 20 feet away, as the horns blew and the golden rays of light appeared,  as the spaces shined from the light, I knew I was home.

Finally, the way was clear. My Artshop will continue and I can continue to serve and teach out of my house. I am so grateful how things worked out and, knowing we are just where we need to be and all is well.