I have enoughI do? But what about the latest, the newest, the must-have…? What about unfulfilled dreams and wishes...?

Today in my heart, I know I have enough.

Thank you Target. It started with a return.

Ugh, the young girl behind the counter really seemed to love her job…not!

As she processed the return on a credit card I handed her, and I was about to sign it, I realized I used the incorrect card for the return.

Oopsy, really important to correct it, I said.

Huff, she went, when I asked her to redo it. She said she needs to call the manager because she did not know how.

It was my fault really. I handed her the incorrect card. Then I thought, she is being paid to work, and this was important to me.

She called the manager, with her I don’t really want to be here voice.

While we are waiting, she tries to do it, and VOILÀ, she did it, as the manager was coming around the bend.

The manager looked at her and said, “I came all the way over here and you did not need me?” trying to compose herself in front of the customer.  

I knew how she felt, making an effort for naught. Walking all that way…being busy and tired. This ditsy sales girl with zero people skills was getting on her nerves too…

I looked the manager in the eye, and out of mouth flew...”I understand how you feel. At times like this, I say to myself, well, at least I can walk.

Instantly, the manager and I knowingly exchanged a smile of understanding, grateful for this awareness that changed our energy to the positive.

And where did this comment come from? Talk about being a vessel.

So the puppies require me to be up and down at home, between wanting to go outside and barking for puppy treats. Today I say, “Thank goodness for the exercise of getting up for them.” A small piece of paper on the floor, thank you for an opportunity to bend, at the knees, of course.

My life may not be exactly where “I want it to be.”  Today, I know it is exactly where it “needs to be.”  I fill my days with gratitude for simple experiences, recognizing wonderful gifts and hidden truths within.

I turn my thoughts around with gratitude, knowing that I am safe, taking one step at a time. 

For this, I am forever grateful, and I will practice on a daily basis. 

*Blog photo is part of the Affirmations to Color available in both English & Spanish