How do I succinctly convey my thoughts?

I know what I want to convey…just…

Wait a minute…it is brewing…wait a minute…

I think I have got it!

It all started the day I was reading new years resolution, discoveries of what was learned and what people want to attract in the new year. Want, want, want was everywhere. How different were these resolution from time past? There were many thoughts of finding love, money, etc.

Then it dawned on me, try this…if we want love, then give love freely first. If we want something, give it away. Want respect, show respect to other’s.  Want it, give it first.

I want to work on “Integrity.” If I act with integrity, then I will receive people with integrity into my life, and have the awareness to steer clear of those that don’t have it.

If we want, want, want in our life, give, give, give of what we want? It must be a two way street. This unspoken energy can not be manipulated by man.

If we are disrespectful, then we will be disrespected. If we don’t give, we will not get. We must give to get.

If we want to change our experiences, then we change our behaviors. Want love, give love. Want respect, give respect.

Let’s all go out there freely giving, expecting nothing in return. These energies will flow back to us ten fold.

Karma M’on.

And in my humble opinion, end of diatribe. Time for me to go out there and give, give, give. Rah! Rah! Rah!