As I sat quietly in meditation, I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth. I decided to use the word gratitude as a single word to think of when my mind strayed. This tool quickly unclouded my mind and affirmed my intention and got me back on track.

Then the awareness came to me out of the blue…

I am grateful for being nice!


Throughout my life, I felt too nice, I made myself nauseous. I got pegged early on, they called me “Nicey” as a child. My nature was what it was, and I did not like it one bit, says Sam I Am. I was just too darn nice. I felt weird, like I was a simpleton.

Today, after meditating, I am aware, so said Buddha. I am grateful for being nice. My life is filled with the nicest men and women I have ever known. I honor it in others, I will honor it in myself. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Even though the meditation lasted only a few minutes, this nugget of wisdom set me free. I choose today to honor my niceness, stand proud in its glory and share it freely with others. I am nice. 

I know in my heart, I am grateful for being nice. Amazing how the mind flips, and a change of heart can set me free.

Do you have something that you do not like in yourself and can switch it to a positive?