Stop, my innards are shaking, my head is spinning, and fear is raging in my head. Do you feel the havoc EVERYWHERE? Could life be any more uncertain at this time?

What can we do? We must do something. I can not live in this state of mind and find peace of mind. I need to do all I can to shift fear to peace on a daily basis. I know stress is a powerful silent killer and it feels horrible to live in fear.

I have decided to dedicate my life to art again, recognizing this is my one string to sanity, joy, hope and peace of mind. I used to take my artistic abilities for granted. It came so easily to me. Now I rejoice in the sheer joy of creating artwork for me, for my well-being. I have enough within, I am strong enough. I discovered a world of healing and purpose. I strengthen the right side of my brain and find:

  • balance
  • clarity
  • wholeness

“We must give ourselves permission to participate in what’s important to us. Art has a tremendous ability to not only heal but to teach one about one self. My family knows that my photography is just as essential as the actual treatment of the disease.”

As a child, do you remember loving a sport, music, dance, singing, etc.? If you loved ballet as a child, take it up again. In today’s world, you don’t have to go anywhere. The computer is a great resource.

“Learning how to access deeper thoughts comes from cultivating mental flexibility, navigating through unpredictable thought processes, the ability to feel confident and patience with oneself even when triggering right brained creativity is difficult or slow to come.” – Right Brain Exercises to Stimulate Creative Thought; Jyl Lytle; April 4, 2014

If you would like more information on integrating the arts into your life,  call me for a complimentary conversation. Let me show you how you can reconnect with you and bring joy, hope, purpose and peace into your life. Give yourself permission and flourish.