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Artwork by Andi Coyne

Artshop: Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a fun and explorative form of art that can combine acrylic, watercolor, pen, ribbons and other materials onto one canvas.  Some students just work with acrylic. Whatever brings you joy is where we follow. You will receive important information on how to create art, while experimenting with many mediums and concepts. Everyone works at their own pace. There is no right or wrong in the creative realm.

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Artwork by Lisa Tishman

5 Minute De-Stressor Workshop

Do you love to color? Understand why and more during this workshop. How does Moving Meditation work? How can we enhance our coloring experience? Are you stressed at home or at the office? Would you like your staff to be more productive?

Explore the history of meditation and its effects on our health and well-being. Understand how color works together to create a pretty page and how we can use color to express ourselves. Learn to live in the moment and reach meditation.

Experience the 5 Minute De-Stressor Workshop and find peace of mind.

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Bully Awareness Workshop

Do you know a child that is being bullied? Is your child bullying?

This workshop looks at all the dynamics that create a dysfunctional and harmful situation. Bully behavior has reached epic proportions and increases due to the stress and havoc in life.

Learn how to handle bully situations, understand where it stems from and let this knowledge transform you thinking and your life.

The Bully Book, Coloring Book & Journal explains that we MUST have compassion for the child who demonstrates bully behavior, for they are the ones that truly suffer.

If you have a group or individual, let this workshop bring change to you.

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 Space is limited and materials are provided,

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I have been a regular at Artshop with Lisa Tishman from the beginning. I have learned so much from my experiences with Lisa about Art and about my Self!!! Lisa teaches from her heart and there are no mistakes in her class, only learning experiences. We look for the best in each other as a group. I have learned a lot about art such as color mixing, balance in composition, and how other artists got started. I highly recommend this group. You don’t have to know how to draw or paint. You just have to be willing to make marks on paper and have fun.

~ Gramma Shirah