I have often heard it said.“Art soothes the soul.” 

I say, AMEN to that.

“How does art heal, you might ask?”

I observe my student’s in the fray of creativity, sometimes feeling glee and sometimes feeling frustration, and in the end, feeling accomplished.

Being creative reaches many different levels of healing, understanding and self-awareness. There is so much more at play than just a mindless activity.

Creating Art Heals 

6 Reasons Art Heals

  • Being creative is recording life, recording special moments: like journaling.
  • You discover who you are, YOUR likes and dislikes.
  • You discover that you can create, that our creative differences are what make the experience so special.
  • Practice leads to progress, which is VERY powerful energy for self-respect.
  • What can be challenging to communicate, being creative CAN communicate for you.
  • Wonderful activity to do with other’s, sharing laughter, thoughts and love.

Discover freedom and success that comes from creating

 “Art from the Heart.”

When you exercise the right side of the brain, your mind can be stimulated and you can feel self-empowerment. Enjoy the journey, for that’s what it’s all about. Hokey-Pokey anyone?

Whether you are gifted with artistic skills or not, healing happens. The beauty of being creative lies in our differences, in our ability to express OUR inner being, to dance to our own drummer and to know peace.

“Art Starts with an Opinion” – Robert Henri

To create art allows you to discover your own inner voice, inner emotions, inner being.

Artshop, more than just an experience.

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