Do you color? Have you always loved coloring and wondered why?

Do we really think our kindergarten teacher let us color for our benefit? No.

In 2010, when I was creating my first coloring book, Creative Meditations, Coloring Book and Journal, I discovered the answers.  During my research, I learned about “Moving Meditation” and how coloring, knitting, walking, etc. can bring us to meditation. Women have told me they have been coloring for years and never knew why.

You ask, “You don’t have to sit quietly and stop the monkey-brain?

Eastern meditation was too difficult for us westerners to grasp. Our society is very fast paced compared to traditional eastern cultures.

In 1965, vital studies proved the effectiveness of doing certain activities for reaching peace of mind, Alpha state and right brain functions. “Moving Meditation” was coined, and a new way of proven success for meditation evolved. This study was a pivotal point in allowing us to reach meditation without having to sit still and stop thinking! 

Any repetitive action has the ability to change the course of thought, often rapidly, shifting the brain to Alpha (thank you Cassi Eubank), creating a state of meditation. As with all meditation, we are in the “now.” When one is in the “now,” there is no fear, hence a feeling of safety, peace and “feeling right with the world.”

Let’s  shift to the right side of the brain and balance our lives, balance our thoughts and balance our relationships.

Coloring is the perfect activity to offer us this shift. Find peace of mind and color your cares away!