Who, you might ask?

Soul Sunday, November 22, Oprah was interviewing Wintley Phipps, a gospel singer and preacher who set me straight on the path. Spreading the word of love and healing is all there is to a fulfilling life. “Be loving and kind, God-like, to friend and foe.  Let people see God’s image in you. That is the true meaning a sheer joy.”

Ugh, be loving to foe? How can I ever be loving to foe? So when I have challenges with other’s, I have to love them?


He and Oprah acknowledged the many luxuries they have in their life, and it does not compare to the joy of being God-like. Nothing fills the soul as service, compassion and understanding. I have had fleeting moments of this joy.

And so I took the challenge. I prayed for help, many times, I realized negative thoughts are a total waste of time and energy, and I practiced staying in the moment.

Love it!

Today, I can say, yes I can “love a foe“, even if I do not respect them, and be filled with gratitude and thanks for all living beings. I waste no more time thinking negative thoughts. Why would I want to stay stuck?

I feel the true joy of connecting in the spiritual realm. I know we are born with peace, love, compassion, joy and purity only. That is my birthright and I must practice to return there. For that is true bliss.