Enlightenment and awareness is the name of this game. I had 3 amazing awareness’s that I want to share.


I believe that things come in 3’s. Maybe because I am an artist and effective compositions repeat an image 3, 5, 7 times. Life just seems to go that way for me. Maybe I think it and so it does?

That is another blog…

Awareness #1 

I told Bob I was fearful of something that could happen. He said, “Switch the word fear to concern. Fear keeps you immobilized and concern allows for action.” I love this man.

When I switch the word “fear” to “concern,” I can take action. With fear, I get stuck. What an empowering concept. Do you feel it too?

Awareness #2

I was reading an article on Katie Holmes and she mentioned this quote she carries around with her all the time, “Go with the flow or be dragged through it.” Amen to that…

I am learning not to resist the flow of life and getting dragged through the muck. “What you resist, will persist.”


I have postponed the doctor appt., calling friends, house repairs, etc., and I miss the beat of life. If I do not flow like water, things do come back and nip me on the rear. I must take care of what I need to take care of so it no longer has me around the neck, choking me, sucking the life out of me, preoccupying my mind incessantly…


Awareness 3:

Jennifer Lopez said, “Don’t feel sad you went through something, be grateful you got through it.” Don’t you just love this? This stopped me in my tracks.

Instead of being sad I got myself into doosie, be grateful I got out of the doosies. And there were some doosies.

And I call my “People” magazine mindless reading…between Kathie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez, who needs Marianne Williamson? LOL

I am so grateful for enlightenment and awareness. If my epiphanies resonate with you, write them down and share them with your world. Let’s tweek the think.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Lisa Tishman