Experience Stress-Free Coloring!



Artist Lisa A. Tishman, has a passion for creating and teaching art. Her mission is to bring healing to others through art.

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, in Textile Design, Lisa got her Master’s in Art Education from Florida International University.

She has a keen eye for color, pattern and design, with a strong love for printed wallpaper and fabric design. She landed her a job after graduation at the well-known printed textile company, David and Dash.

Through her love of teaching, in grad school, she discovered that her positive encouragement helped her students create magical works of art, feel better about themselves, and be happier.

In 2010, Lisa created her first coloring book, Creative Meditations, Coloring Book & Journal. Knowing that art is healing, she filled the coloring pages with patterns, healing thoughts, and journal lines.

Today Lisa can be found in her studio creating, teaching and giving private lessons (in person and online), hosting birthday parties, and creating a powerful community of art-centered people. Healing Arts by Lisa Tishman has also established a presence not only in the U.S. but internationally, as well.

In addition to the products you can purchase online, Lisa offers workshops, including:

  • 5 Minute De-Stressor Workshop
  • Bully Awareness Workshop
  • Artshop with Lisa Tishman
  • Artshop with Lisa Tishman: The Series
  • Artshop: Plein Air


In 2007, Art Basel and the Miami Herald held a contest in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County for local artists to showcase at Art Basel. There were 2,175 entries and five artist selected. Lisa A. Tishman was chosen for her 3-D collage, The Yellow Room. The Miami Herald ran a story of all five winners with a photo of the artwork. On day four, Lisa’s artwork hung in the entryway. It was an honor.

Supporting the Local Community

Once a month, Lisa volunteers at the Broward Sheriff Office. With their grant to help first time offenders in high school, Lisa does vision statements and self-portraits with the kids, striving to bring hope and awareness back into their young lives. As stated in The Bully Book, Coloring Book & Journal, we must have compassion for the child with bully behavior, for they are the one’s who truly suffer.

My dear friend Lisa Tishman is getting well-deserved recognition for her work with bully awareness. This is a real issue for young people and often times adults as well. Thank you, Lisa, for being awesome you.

~ Cassie Eubank