Art imitates life is dedicated to all artists who have experienced the angst and sheer joy of creating art; growing, learning and meditating, coming out on the other side with clarity, truth and wisdom.

I would like to share my recent angst and sheer joy art experience with you. Art has a healing power!

How does art imitate life?

Check it out.

When Art Imitates Life Magic Happens …

Whether it is painting, coloring books, photography, etc., the art experience requires no experience to achieve it’s benefits, anyone can create.

Lisa Tishman, artists and art coach, Healing Art by Lisa TishmanMake mistakes, appreciate them, and move on,” I constantly tell myself. “There is no right or wrong in the creative realm.”

Sure put that off-color there and, oops., the Sharpie veered in the wrong direction and … Eck!

“It is okay,” I gently remind myself.

Art Is A Heart Experience

Art is a heart experience and can be appreciated in all of its glory for the power it possesses to alter a persons outlook on life.  Together, art and creativity have healing aspects too. That is all!

This piece started like this …  After Artshop: Sponge Painting, I took the end of the sponge and plopped it down on paper and drew some quick pencil lines of a plant.

I buried it under papers and forgot about it, until recently.

I unearthed it and decided to work on it…

Art Imitates Life – The Artistic Journey

Do the pencil work, put it up on the wall, step back, let time pass and work on it again. Repeat these steps throughout the artistic journey.

“What if I can’t?” I quickly think… Ah!

But I can, and I will , walk through this unknown journey of angst and sheer joy; knowing I will be stronger on the other side.”

As I patiently wait to use my Sharpie and make sure the pencil work is to the best of my ability, I take my time…


Don’t rush to finish.

Discipline now….

So when my pencil lines were getting dark and I noticed my hands were tightly wound around the pencil, I knew I needed to stop, put the piece back on the wall and review.

I used my black Sharpie, thinking this permanent act might be imperfect and … Eck!

Breathe in through my nose and out threw my mouth…

“If my color is imperfect, it is okay, just have fun and work the medium,” I remember to tell myself.

The angst would rally because I was afraid to start again where I left off.

What if I ruin it now, I feel?

Oh yes, artistic license, there is no ruin in the art realm.“

If Art Imitates Life Would You Rather Live In Fear …?

“Would I rather sit in the fear of not being perfect in art or do I walk through my fear and illusions for the sheer enjoyment of the activity?” I ask myself. 

I chose to walk through it.

I realized that I love doing the sketching, I love working with color pencil, I love designing wallpaper (my first career) and I love getting to the other side.

My piece makes me happy, and of course…

I do not have to be perfect.

I am safe. 

“Each time, I learn and discover patience with myself, self-acceptance, love, community and fun. And I always realize, next time I will do better.” ~Bob Adelman

Of course, next time I will add a scalloped edge to the pot. 

How Art Imitates Life – It’s a Journey. Not a Destination.

I did not know I would want to create a wicker basket.

So the edge of the pot is straight and it needs to have a wavy line. I would not make the wallpaper so busy and I will work on shadow.

So let that not stop me from rejoicing in the completion of this piece and the completion of a fun journey! 

I understand the dynamics of the creative realm.

I can release perfection, knowing that, as in life, life is messy, life ebbs and flows, and I can ride the journey with peace in my heart and a smile on my  face.

It is okay to mess up, jump over the cliff and find the edge and be filled with love and self-respect along the way. I am here for you to be your companion on your way to enjoy your artistic gifts to the fullest.

Art imitates life.