Do you ever get the feeling that you just want to do something creative, start a new art project, dance or song?

Boy, does it come over me!  

I have something to look forward to. And then…

Wait, fear of moving ahead, fear that the next mark will ruin the piece…Eck! 

In the art piece above, I realized that I needed to make the wallpaper flowers smaller. This would create more depth in the image.

Ugh! was my first thought.

I wanted to negate the whole piece because of this. And then,  I remember the joy and fun I had in creating it, how the colors blended together. I will take this lesson and improve upon the next piece. Talk about a lesson in being perfectly imperfect. I understand that perfection is not worth striving for, but rather the beautiful journey I go through when I create. That is the ultimate treasure of Healing Arts by Lisa Tishman healing through art.

I like this...just concentrate on the movements and be in the now, good or bad, right or wrong and enjoy the journey. The outcome is irrelevant. The outcome is for my sake, no one else.

I say to myself, “I am grateful for this lesson so next time I can do better, just as in life.” I might not like the lesson, I give thanks for the opportunity to learn, grow and feel safe.

The fun heals, I accept my imperfections and my true beauty shines.

Creativity inspires hope! I feel it.

Do you?

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