One tile at a time

One tile at a time was a vital experience for me. My tile floor was in need of a quick sweep. Let me do it quickly, I have so much to do, as tension and stress wreaked havoc with my neck. 

The Dustbuster would be quick and do the trick.

In my agitated and hurried state, monkey brain was rampaging. Thoughts of, “I need to get that done, and how am I going to get this done, and am I remembering everything I need to get done?” Now my heart was racing. 

I leaned over and began vacuuming rapidly across the floor, back and forth, over the bumpy tiles, clicking and scrapping as I went along. My irritation and urgency was increasing.

Something was not working here… in my haste, I was being ineffective with my labor. Trying to do a large area at once was not working…

So, I started vacuuming one tile at a time.

My thoughts continued to rail on. I wanted to resolve all of my fears at once. Fear was gripping me tight.


And then the shift happened…

I realized, this blesson (coined by Betsy Rosam) was a gift from God. I can go crazy and try to tackle my whole life at one time, or I can take each moment, each event  and make it spotless! Now of course this takes practice. I may mess up, and that is o.k., next time I will do better. When my mind slips back into fear, I can gently redirect it  to the task at hand. Just like the coloring experience. 

I was so into the empowering experience of vacuuming each tile.  Each and every tile received my undivided attention, the corners and grout. Slowing down and doing a thorough job on each tile was going to give me my desired end result. I could not accomplish my mission vacuuming the entire floor as a whole. I needed to do each part of a whole. Peace of mind was restored,  and I became empowered by my own abilities. Look how neat and clean the floor was becoming, one tile at a time. Before I knew it, the job was done.


Do my best with each moment will stop feeding the monkey in my brain? Find contentment in each moment? Concentrate on one task at a time?

With acceptance in my heart, I must deal with one thing at a time. Whether I like what is before me or not, it is what it is. If I greet a challenge with a true understanding that I am safe, then I will be content with whatever crosses my path and positive experiences will follow. 

One moment at a time…enjoying the few seconds of mixing my yogurt, seeing the colors swirl around, knowing that I choose to take these seconds, that all is well.  I can be content with the process and use all of my senses to experience the “now.”  To me, that is true fulfillment.

The answers were in tile.

Blog done. Next task…

p.s. – The repetitive motion of cleaning the tiles, I believe, put me into meditation. Hence, the truth was revealed.

Meditation through moving is called, Moving Meditation. Check out my website and visit the coloring book section and discover your truths.

Addendum: That night, as I was going to sleep, my mind was jumping all around. I pictured cleaning the tiles, one spot at a time and I quickly returned to the “now,” peace.

I realize, I am enough.